Group Emergency Foster Care

    The Group Emergency Foster Care program was established in February 2003 with six beds to meet a critical need for children removed from their families by Dutchess County’s Child Protective Services. Today, with a capacity of 33 beds, this program provides Child Protective Services from several counties with round the clock availability of residential care for children who are in imminent danger if they remain in their homes.

    This program serves children from birth to eighteen years of age. The program is tailored to serve individual children and sibling groups, and full diagnostic services are coordinated by the Home’s nursing staff. The diagnostic service allows the County to make more informed decisions regarding the eventual placement of children and youth in longer term options such as family foster homes, boarding homes, group homes or residential treatment centers. Contact with their own medical doctors and attendance at their home schools and churches is maintained.

    In 2017, 183 children and youth were served by this program.