Support the Children’s Home

    photo of kids running after a ball
    When you donate to the Children’s Home, you make a difference. It’s that simple. 

    Since 1847, the community has generously helped to provide for the most vulnerable in our community. At the Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie, we are grateful every day for all those who open their hearts to help make our children’s lives safe, healthy and happy. Every dollar that we receive supports the hope and healing of abused and neglected children right here in our community. Every dollar received gives hope to a child who has been hurt, a teenager who has been victimized… a person who deserves a better chance at a brighter tomorrow. Each year, hundreds of children and their families receive services from the Children’s Home—a place they can begin to heal and find hope. Your support matters.

    Any gift, big or small helps improve the lives of the children in our care. 

    Did you know? Even a small monthly donation is a huge benefit to us! Making a smaller monthly gift can be less of a strain on your budget than making a larger gift once a year. Making a monthly gift is easy! Once you’re set up in our program, you will be helping every month without having to even think about it. Just check YES next to the box for a monthly donation. It’s that simple.

    Please consider making a one-time donation or a monthly gift. With your help, we can do more.