photo of Single mom with her son and daughter

    Nuevas Alas / New Wings Program

    Shelter Program

    The Nuevas Alas / New Wings Shelter program serves refugee children who are fleeing from their countries of origin to seek safety in the United States. The goal of the program is to reunify children with their families as quickly as possible and ensure their safety and well-being. Youth who enter the program receive medical attention, academic instruction, and recreational programming in addition to Case Management and Clinical services.

    Long Term Foster Care (LTFC)

    The Nuevas Alas / New Wings LTFC program serves unaccompanied children who  have been victims of trafficking, abuse or persecution and remain unaccompanied through the inability to identify a family member or viable sponsor in the United States. This program focuses on the development of independent living skills, and acculturation to life in the United States. Youth are enrolled in the local public school and receive medical services, life skills classes, individual and group counseling and case management while they work towards securing legal status in the United States.

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