The Children’s Home maintains downloadable copies of annual reports and newsletters.

    Below you will find copies of our publications. Please click on the publication to download a copy. If you would like to receive a hard copy of any of the listed publications please contact the Children’s Home and we will send one to you.

    Annual Reports

    CHP2014.Annual Report

    CHP 2014 Annual Report

    CHP2015.Annual Report

    CHP 2015 Annual Report

    CHP 2016 Annual Report

    CHP 2017 Annual Report




    Home Insider 2015

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    Home Insider 2016

    CHP July Newsletter 2017

    Home Insider 2017




    Agency Brochure


    QAI Agency Reports

    1st Quarter – 2016/2017 2nd Quarter – 2016/20173rd Quarter – 2016/20174th Quarter – 2016/2017
    1st Quarter – 2017/20182nd Quarter – 2017/20183rd Quarter – 2017/20184th Quarter – 2017/2018