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    photo of Walter Joseph

    Expanded Programs & Services Under Walter Joseph

    In 2000, the two Alvin F. Rauscher Cottages on the main campus were completed for twenty-eight boys. The new cottages were made possible through the estate of Mr. Rauscher, who was a resident of the Children’s Home in the 1920’s.

    At the end of the year 2000, after serving as Executive Director for 22 years, Frank Dwyer retired and was replaced by current Executive Director, Walter J. Joseph.

    The first Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP) apartment opened in December 2001, providing young adults a transitional experience to help prepare them for full independence.

    In June 2002, major renovations to the main house were completed. The changes gave staff an improved work environment and addressed a number of problems with basic systems in the building.

    Changing priorities in New York’s Office of Children and Family Services continued to reduce the number of referrals to the traditional Campus Residential program. The Home responded by identifying other unmet needs for at-risk children.

    In 2003, the Group Emergency Foster Care Program (GEFC) opened six beds to support Dutchess County’s child protective efforts. The program provides a safe, immediately available option when removal of children from their homes is necessary to protect them from imminent danger. The program expanded to twelve beds and then sixteen beds in 2006. By 2010 there were 23 beds. The program continued to grow to 30 beds in 2018, serving multiple counties.

    In December 2005, Dr. Paul Bainbridge “Doc” retired after 31-year career.

    In 2006, responding to the need for more proactive marketing and private fundraising, the Home hired its first staff development professional.

    In 2008 the Home adopted the Sanctuary Model as a framework for how we operate as an agency. This model represents a comprehensive trauma-informed method for creating a safe trauma informed environment for the children in our car.

    On September 28, 2008 the Home hosted the first annual Margaret Garrison Race Awards reception, aptly named after the former Executive Director who served for 38 years. Funds from the event were used for the Home’s recreation program.

    In 2009 at 24-bed Therapeutic Foster Home program was designed to keep children and youth in family homes. Renovations were made to the Mair Recreation Center, and now included a gym, dance studio and art room.

    In 2010 the Young Mothers Program, providing services to young women in foster care who were pregnant or parenting, opened with 8 beds in a newly purchased, renovated home. Within weeks the program quickly filled. The need for additional services lead to rapid expansion to 28 beds in three cottages by 2013. The program provides the only maternity beds for this population in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

    In May 2010 the Board of Managers approved a proposal to establish a planned giving society for those who have included the Children’s Home in their estate planning.