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    photo of the Exhibition Hall Dutchess County Fair Washington Hollow Site

    Field Trips

    In 1893, a four-story addition was constructed on the northwest corner of the building. The cost, including plumbing and heating, was $6,000. Children were vaccinated. Entertainment included picnics, a visit to Grant’s Tomb in New York City, rides to Wappingers Falls on electric trolley cars, loaned horse drawn stage coach excursions to the Dutchess County Fair, Labor Day ferry rides back and forth across the Hudson River, and sleigh rides to Hyde Park. Firecrackers were donated for the Fourth of July.

    The by-laws at that time stated, “It must be borne in mind that these children will probably find places as domestics in families; and while self-respect must be cultivated, habits of subordination must be carefully instilled.” Instructions to the teacher included: “Recitations to be varied with singing, walking, and exercises calculated to develop the muscles.” Miss I. B. Conklin became the second matron in 1895, serving until 1918.