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    Kids Who Care

    Judy Harford, one of the Home’s most highly valued and longest serving child-care workers, retired in 1990 after 47 years of loving dedication to the children at the Home.

    In 1991, a group of children organized the “Kids Who Care” club, which fosters an awareness of others and an appreciation of the good aspects of their own lives. The club was able to adopt a boy in a third world country and support organizations like Save the Whales through such fundraising efforts as car washes, dinners, and bake sales. Further, club members built and expanded a nature trail on the grounds. Children also demonstrated appreciation for others at the annual Teachers’ Tea and the Christmas Open House.

    Staff members continued to supply remedial study, recreation, therapy, adoptive counseling, and evaluation services. Individual behavioral contracts helped each child develop interpersonal skills and promote acceptable behavior leading to success and improved self-esteem. In addition, the children benefited from community programs such as Pop Warner football, Little League, school clubs, Scouts, and activities at the YMCA and YWCA. Generous supporters donated goods, money, and volunteer time that enabled the Home to continue its tradition of excellence.