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    Photo of Paul Bainbridge

    Staff Changes

    On October 1, 1974, Dr. Paul Bainbridge joined the staff. Affectionately known as “Doc”, this would begin a 31-year career caring for children at the Home.

    In February of 1975, Mrs. Race retired after 38 years as director. She had nurtured 1,049 of the 5,000 plus children who had been at the Home since its founding. Indicative of her place in their hearts, 38 former residents chose to hold their weddings or receptions at the Children’s Home during her tenure. Following her death in 1978, a plaque was placed in the entrance hall of the main building to honor children who would win the annual Margaret Race Memorial Achievement Award.

    Margaret Gold headed the staff from 1975 to 1977. She was followed by Frank Dwyer, an extraordinarily capable Executive Director.

    Children’s activities in the “70’s focused on the development of self-esteem through group experiences designed to foster goal-setting and cooperative skills. The children’s Greener Grounds Co. did landscaping, built a log cabin entirely with hand tools, and erected a greenhouse. A wilderness program took groups up Mt. Washington and on canoeing/camping trips.

    Changes in the law freed more children for adoption, and the Home responded by initiating a program to recruit and prepare families for adoption or long-term foster case. Family therapy, parenting education, and aftercare were provided for children with their own potentially viable families. The Home added a full-time psychiatrist as Director of Clinical Services, and a psychologist as well.