The Children’s Home Celebrates 175 Years of Healing and Hope

    Did you hear? January 21, 2022 is our Home’s 175th Anniversary. The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie was created on January 21, 1847 by a group of women called the Female Guardian Society who wanted to help children and families that needed their help the most. Our history tells us, “Two by two they went into the highways and byways, the garrets and cellars; feeding the hungry, clothing the destitute and providing employment and protection for the friendless and exposed.”

    175 years later, their mission continues. Each year, our Home helps hundreds of children and their families right here in our community find a safe, warm and caring place —a place of healing and hope.

    For 175 years, our generous community has made all the difference for children and families that have needed them the most. Please consider giving a gift of healing and hope in honor of our 175th Anniversary.